KBS provide bespoke launch support for anti-infectives
on behalf of our pharmaceutical clients.

We aim to be an independent and trusted partner for diagnostic strategy and enabling services from development through to commercialization.




A global challenge

The global anti-infective market is a complicated and inter-connected ecosystem where pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies work within tight regulatory and compliance frameworks and are subject to the demands of localized healthcare models, customs and practices.


For pharmaceutical companies, the landscape for the launch of new anti-infectives is increasingly challenging and complex. The average return on investment is lower, and the time allowed to achieve maximum uptake is reducing. Meanwhile, competition is increasing in areas of need, while more targeted therapies are tailored to increasingly small populations. The necessity of the global focus on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) only adds to these commercial pressures.


Diagnostic companies face similar commercial challenges, with more complex drug combinations to work with, ever increasing competition and the introduction of more exacting regulation and requirements around clinical trials.

Launch planning and achieving market readiness has never been more important. A key enabler of market access for the launch of a newly approved anti-infective is the availability of a commercial diagnostic device on day 1 of a brand launch.

Built on expertise

The team at KBS have spent over 10 years successfully supporting our pharmaceutical clients in developing bespoke and flexible diagnostic strategies which help to achieve their launch objectives.

By taking a systemic approach to our understanding of the global market and continuously monitoring and assessing the many operational and commercial factors which can affect a diagnostic launch strategy. We can generate market insight for our clients that gives context and clarity to the crucial 3rd party interactions that underpin successful strategies.









Founded on trust

Using our longstanding relationships with many of the 3rd party stakeholders in the market, including the diagnostics manufacturers, we can provide a confidential and trusted engagement framework that can deliver successful outcomes for both the pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

KBS provide a unique suite of professional and enabling services specifically designed to support pharmaceutical companies through the initial launch and commercialisation of newly approved anti-infectives.

“Our vision is to be a leading, innovative and outcomes driven diagnostic partner for the pharmaceutical industry”

Rapid Diagnostics

Historically, the diagnostic component of KBS’s work in support of drug launches has focused on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST), which has traditionally been recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for microbiology testing, and this remains a key focus. However, the recent and significant developments in rapid diagnostics have brought a new global focus and dynamic to this field.

The pharmaceutical industry and health care professionals globally are looking closely at this rapidly evolving landscape. For anti-infectives, there is a need to understand how these new and novel technologies can be used to further improve patient care, help in the global fight against AMR and support improvements in AMS.

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